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Our Program helps players understand what is needed to make their soccer dreams move ahead. Whether it is winning a club or high school championship, receiving a scholarship to college, or eventually playing Professional Soccer, we have the way if you have the talent. Your daily training will be centred on developing your skills related to soccer tactics and techniques necessary to play at a higher level. Daily matches scheduled throughout the week will challenge your ability and create opportunities for you to utilize specific lessons learned throughout your camp experience. Our staff will give you active educational clinics and seminars on soccer nutrition, soccer fitness and conditioning, and the psychological aspects needed to help you evolve as a soccer player.

Your daily training sessions will cover some of the following:

  • Developing a system of play
  • Playing from the back through the midfield
  • Counter attacking play through quick transition
  • Twin Striker Movement
  • Personal and Team Possession
  • Creating movement and space
  • Set plays from defending and attacking
  • Block defending
  • Pressing and how to play against a pressing team
  • Phase play in all areas of the field
  • Attacking in the final third of the field
  • Finishing
  • The role of the goalkeeper in defending and attacking.

By keeping the maximum length of a training session’s topic to last no more than 45minutes, we will increase the ability of the player to focus specifically upon the task at hand during each camp session. Each topic we select should challenge a player technically, tactically, physically and psychologically. When this happens, it provides a learning environment in which a player can thrive, as well as create an arena which is conducive to creativity, learning and competition.

An important part of the player’s education will be the introduction to our dynamic Stretching and Strength Training Program. This, if done on a regular basis, will reduce the player’s risk of injury.