The Atlantic Soccer Factory is a new and innovative soccer organization. A next generation soccer education and training company dedicated to assisting players and clubs with their mental and physical soccer development.

Headed by Matt Driver, his wealth of knowledge and his elite staff following, ASF is a fantastic company that will bring more than just soccer to the community. Remaining consistent with ASF founder, Matt Driver’s, philosophy of Player Development, ASF has been constructed to cater to the demands of the clubs and the needs of their players.

As a brand, ASF is fairly young, however we possess a highly credentialed and experienced coaching staff who are dedicated to building champions as individuals and teams. Under the leadership of Driver, who has been hailed as one of the nation’s leaders in Coach Education and Player Development, ASF is primed and ready to bring a semi-professional team to the South Jersey Region.

ASF currently reaches over 30,000 youth soccer players through all of its training services. Having access to this incredibly large and specific market allows for brilliant exposure for ASF City. ASF can rely on those players, teams and clubs as a guaranteed solid support group and fan base for the high level of soccer which ASF City will provide.